My work explores the workings of human memory. Influences become set in each individual's memory presenting a unique set of preferences and future visualisations of our perceived world. How these mental representations move away from reality become part of the mystery of uniqueness per individual.

How much information is actually stored in our memory? How much information is actually required to represent memories from the past?

I have recently moved away from working from life and turned to working from memory. Many of the figures portrayed in my recent works are purely from memory - taken from individuals observed in everyday life.

They are chosen from past memory.

They become anonymous through over-simplification, although to me, I will always recognise the individual. This will not be the case for other viewers.

This process has revealed numerous idiosyncrasies in my memory driven perception of the human form which can be traced back to my early childhood drawings. As with artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Vaughan and Willem de Kooning (to name a few) I retain these 'quirks' where possible and champion the direction they take me.

Why do I choose these certain memories of people? They are often people I have never known and only seen in passing. This is an essay in itself...

Exhibitions include:
  • Royal Academy (RA)(Summer Exhibition), London.
  • Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI), Glasgow.
  • Royal Scottish Academy (RSA).
  • Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston.
  • West Lancashire Open, Ormskirk.
  • Kelly Gallery, Glasgow.
  • Central Lancashire Fine Art Fair, Preston.

  • Preston Polytechnic (Now the University of Central Lancashire)(Foundation Course).
  • Central Saint Martin's College of Art, London.

  • Who's Who in Art.

Works in Private Collections: UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, USA.